Our Story

When I was 12, I borrowed a pair of cufflinks from my father and wore them for the first time. When I fastened them, I felt a sense of poise and self-possession. I didn’t even understand those concepts at the time, but I knew I felt them.

Now, I see what it was I valued that day: rakishness; the ability to be original, but elegant. To me, cufflinks were a rare tangible object with the power to convey those intangible qualities.

In adulthood, I became an international business lawyer. I built a life in law in New York, a place that had captivated me since my first visit at 18. A place that always pushed me from my comfort zone. But I realized I needed a purpose that valued more creativity and started designing my very own cufflinks. Just as a diversion at first. Then more seriously. My sketches began to get more technical, more detailed. Eventually a single idea consumed me: make perfect cufflinks and make them different.

With this idea in my head, and New York to inspire me, I studied with some of the city’s finest craftsmen, each with decades of experience and an obsession with detail. Patiently, I acquired the skills to bring my sketches to life, to make the perfect cufflinks.

Fils Unique is the result of that journey. It’s a constant pursuit of understated elegance and savoir-faire. A passion to create something, for you (and myself), that’s distinctive, without ever having to say so.

Welcome to Fils Unique

Nicolas, founder

Why Fils Unique ?


"Fils Unique" means "Only Son" in French (my mother tongue).

In many cultures, only children are perceived as insolent and selfish.

But like men evolve from boyhood to manhood, with time, insolence is humbled and softened into refinement and discernment. Fils Unique is what we are, literally, and it’s also our ethos: a benevolent exactingness.

The only cufflinks you’ll see from us are those that have passed the rigorous “would we wear these?” test, not the “would these sell?” one.

And our standards are high.