How to Wear Cufflinks?

Cufflinks: the unsung heroes of the sartorial world. They're small, but boy, do they pack a punch in the style department. If you've ever looked at these nifty accessories and thought, "What do I do with these?" you're in the right place. Let's dive into the art of how to wear cufflinks with a touch of wit and a dash of savoir-faire.

Wear cufflinks effortlessly and add flair to your attire, especially when donning a dress shirt with French cuffs. Let’s delve into the steps of donning these sophisticated accessories and explore the nuances of selecting and wearing cufflinks for various occasions.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Wearing Cufflinks

  • Selecting the Right Shirt: It all starts with a French cuff shirt. No, not the kind you'd wear to a French Riviera yacht party (unless that's your Friday), but the kind with no buttons on the cuffs.

  • Fold the cuff back: Line up the holes on each side of the cuff. It's like aligning the stars, but much easier and with immediate results. With your arm extended, use your opposite hand to fold your French cuffs back.

  • Choosing Your Cufflinks: With numerous types available, from chain link to fixed back or bullet back cufflinks, choose a style that complements your attire and the occasion. Choosing cufflinks isn’t just about accessorizing; it’s about enhancing your style while reflecting your personality. Factors like cufflink types and styles, whether horizontal position or vertical position, can add finesse to your attire. Moreover, cufflinks offer a personal touch, allowing you to curate a look that truly represents you.

  • Inserting the Cufflinks: Hold the cufflink so the decorative part faces outward – after all, you're not doing this for your wrists' entertainment. Slide the post through the holes, starting from the outside of the cuff. Insert the cufflink through both holes in the shirt's cuff.

  • Secure the Fort: Fasten the cufflink. Whether it's a swivel bar, a chain link, or a bullet back, this is your moment to ensure things are snug but not Spartan-warrior tight.

  • Final Adjustments: Give them a little wiggle for comfort and symmetry. Uneven cufflinks are like mismatched socks – a subtle sign of anarchy.

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Styling Ideas for Different Occasions

Black Tie and Beyond

  • Cufflink Choice: Opt for mens luxury cufflinks. Think of classic shirt cuff, with a hint of "I read GQ occasionally."

  • Style Tip: Pair with a well-tailored suit and long-sleeved shirt. The goal is to look like you own the room, even if you just rent a corner of it.

The Business Mogul Look

  • Cufflink Choice: Understated elegance is your mantra here. Silver or gold, but nothing that screams "I'm trying too hard." Adding one of the crisp white french cuff shirts will add a touch of extra polish to the look

  • Style Tip: Put on cufflinks and coordinate with your watch. It's like telling the world you've got your act together, down to the last tick.

Casual but Not Careless

  • Cufflink Choice: Here's where you can play with unique men's silver cufflinks. Be bold, be subtle, be whatever you feel like that day.

  • Style Tip: Wear cufflinks of choice with a less formal shirt and jacket. It's the "I just threw this on" look, but you and I both know it was a carefully orchestrated move.

Themed Events

  • Cufflink Choice: Match the theme, but keep it classy. No, novelty cufflinks shaped like beer mugs might not be the best choice.

  • Style Tip: Let your cufflinks be the conversation starter. "Oh, these old things? They're just my vintage car cufflinks."

Everyday Elegance

  • Cufflink Choice: Go for versatility. Something that says, "I care about my appearance, but I don't need a parade for it."

  • Style Tip: Mix it up across your wardrobe. Cufflinks aren't just for special occasions; they're for making every day a bit more special.

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Understanding French Cuffs

French cuffs, also known as double cuffs, lack buttons, providing the perfect canvas for showcasing cufflinks. When it comes to wearing cufflinks, start by folding back these cuffs. The process of putting on cufflinks involves selecting the right pair, such as chain link cufflinks or fixed back cufflinks, and inserting them into the cufflink holes before closing them to secure a stylish fit.

Dress Shirt Essentials

The elegance of cufflinks often pairs best with a dress shirt, especially one that boasts French cuffs. Choosing the right cufflinks involves considering various factors, including cufflink style, precious metals, and even precious stones, which can add a touch of luxury to your ensemble. When you wear cufflinks, they become more than just accessories; they represent your personal style and add a unique touch to your look.

Perfecting Your Cufflink Style for Different Occasions

From formal occasions to casual settings, adding cufflinks can complement various outfits. For formal occasions, opt for classic cufflinks in precious metals like gold or silver to complete your tuxedo ensemble. In contrast, for a personal touch or a more casual event, experiment with decorative part cufflinks or those featuring many shapes. Whether you're wearing them to a corporate event or a casual gathering, cufflinks allow for personal preference to shine through.


Cufflinks aren’t just about closing shirt cuffs; they’re an embodiment of style and sophistication. From double cuff shirts to fixed-back cufflinks, each element contributes to a unique look. Embrace the versatility of cufflinks, allowing them to elevate your attire, making a statement while reflecting your personality. Remember, when it comes to wearing cufflinks, there are no hard and fast rules, every man wears different types of cufflinks to channel their style. It’s about expressing yourself and adding a touch of elegance to your outfit, making a lasting impression on every occasion.

Incorporating cufflinks into your attire isn’t merely a fashion choice; it’s a form of self-expression that transcends the traditional boundaries of style. So, choose your cufflinks wisely and wear them with confidence, allowing your personality to shine through this small yet impactful accessory.

In the end, cufflinks are like the cherry on top of a well-put-together outfit. They're a nod to the finer details that can define a man's style. For a deeper dive into the world of cufflinks that speak volumes in their understated elegance, check out Fils Unique's collection of men's cufflinks. Remember, in the realm of fashion, cufflinks are your silent allies. Wear them well, and wear them often.

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