It’s only when a beetle is still that it’s possible to appreciate its infinite complexity and singular beauty. So we made a still one for you.
Member of the Dynastinae family, Rhinoceros Beetles (also known as Hercules Beetles) have been anecdotally claimed to lift up to 850 times their own weight.


  • Weight: 7.3 gram (per cufflink)
  • Height: 10.97 mm / 0.4320 in
  • Width: 21.17 mm / 0.8340 in


    • Main material: silver
    • Stainless steel spring
    • Plated with Rhodium, a rare, precious metal to avoid natural tarnishing of Silver
    • Handpainted with enamel


    • These cufflinks can be custom-made with a variety of precious metals, engravings and colors. Please contact us directly for any enquiry.